Investment Strategy

 The Goodyields Capital Team formulates the right strategy in each case in order to maximize "risk-adjusted returns".

Our basic strategy pursued by the REIF fund family is very conservatively geared in all dimensions and is a typical core/core-plus investment. In addition to operating assets, investments are also made in turnkey assets in stable European industrialised countries in proven renewable technologies (onshore wind and PV) as a buy-and-hold investor, achieving an excellent risk-return profile. This is underlined by the current REIF I portfolio.

In addition and at a later stage more "opportunity-driven" strategies are conceivable in separate fund vehicles, including a certain proportion of "elevated risk" countries, higher gearing or pipeline risks. Exit opportunities would also be used here, as the balance between IRR and yield would go towards IRR in a strategy with this type of more traditional private equity orientation compared to the pure infrastructure character of the REIF fund-family.

In direct investment situations, the respective investment strategy is developed on a case-by-case basis with investors.